Email me at GabeCuzzillo[at]gmail[dot]com if you experience any problems with the game, or for comments and questions.

If you’re experiencing performance problems try switching fullscreen off and on, or just try running in windowed mode.

If you’re running Windows 8 the game may run poorly in fullscreen. I’ll try to figure out why soon, but I’m stymied at the moment.

Plugging and unplugging controllers while the game is launched can cause problems.

There’s a problem with some computers running Windows 8.1 causing the game to become an experimental art piece:

If you run into this problem you can try running this build, which will run entirely off your cpu. This should fix the problem, though as you might imagine may run slowly depending on the speed of your cpu. This is a problem with gamemaker, not this game, so there isn’t very much I can do about it.

I’m sorry.

How to Play

In Foiled there are four actions: run, jump, dive, and swipe.

Except for when swiping or diving, you will always have your sword pointed forward.

Tap the jump button to perform a short hop, hold the jump button to jump much higher

Press jump against a wall to wall jump(you can wall jump off  the same wall as many times as you want)

Press the dive button in the air to point your sword down and plunge straight to the ground

Press swipe to swing your sword in an upward arc to deflect attacks from above or kill your opponent

When swords collide they deflect away from one another

(this includes when foils hit each other at a 90-degree angle, such as diving onto a horizontal sword)


Touching your opponent with your sword will kill them, giving you their soul

Bring the soul to the goal before the timer runs out to get a point

Your opponent is now defending the goal, so watch out!

The first player to score three points wins a round


The first player to win two rounds wins the game


About us

Gabe Cuzzillo

I’m an NYU Tisch undergrad film student who is getting a bit tired of film school. I did all the design and code for Foiled, which is my first game, and really my first time coding (thanks to my amazing brother Elliot for teaching me how to do that bit).

Aaron Taecker-Wyss

I did the visuals and sound for the game. Currently, I live and go to school in Squamish, BC. While I’ve made a few other games. This is my first collaboration of this kind, and definitely the biggest thing I’ve done so far.
Check me out on my website