What’s the best educational video game? The question has many answer options and thousands of examples you can find on thousands of websites and search engines. The solution to this question is through trial and error and, above all, your child’s experience as a player.

In this list of educational video games, we show you that there are many options beyond bestsellers (Fortnite, Clash Royale, League of Legends), and that can be very useful in the educational section. Remember that, first of all, we are talking about supplements to the educational field and that, therefore, the time of use must be controlled by parents and educators. Shall we begin?

  1. Minecraft Edu

Minecraft’s success is undeniable in the academic field. Although it was not born as an educational video game, the Minecraft community is already made up of more than 100 million users. This has led to the release of a particular version of Minecraft for Education. What are the advantages of Minecraft in the educational field? The block-based construction game allows them to stimulate their creativity, learn fundamental programming issues, dimensions, and Space Organization, collaborative work… if your operating system is Windows, you can download the latest version of Minecraft Education on this link. If you are an iOS user, download Minecraft Education from the Apple Store here.

In the same way, the main video console manufacturers have editions of Minecraft, in its standard version, which also has an important educational value.

  1. Dragon Box

Dragon Box is an educational video game especially suitable for the classroom with which students can learn mathematics and algebra concepts in a fun way. The mathematical games proposed by Dragon Box are available both for the school (access the educator’s version) and for the user, through downloading their applications (not free) and are divided into applications to learn mathematics from 4 to 9 years old and, another block, for schoolchildren from 9 years old.

  1. SimCity Edu

SimCity is another video game that has made the delights of large and small for many years and also has an education version called SimCity Edu that can be tested for free. What advantages does SimCity have for education? With this video game they learn to design cities, manage finances, understand how communications and essential infrastructure work in a municipality, which can turn into a Smart City and learn to make decisions, as they become cyber mayors.

In the world of video game consoles, there is a version very similar to SimCity that is called Cities, and that is available for the leading brands. In this video, you can see the release for PlayStation 4

  1. ClassDojo

ClassDojo goes far beyond the essential functions of the educational videogames, and it becomes a unique system to put in contact with teachers and students through fun avatars, according to behave in class, you will be adding points and improving in the rankings. In the same way, the participation and involvement of students are encouraged through a gamification system that allows teachers to propose challenges and prizes associated with the achievement of objectives.

  1. Spore

We close this list of educational video games for the classroom with an online game to learn Natural Sciences. We are talking about Spore, an EA initiative that allows children to manage and check how living things evolve from the smallest category (A Cell) to becoming impressive living beings who, depending on their care and the habitat they have grown up in, will look one way or another. This game is paid but has a free trial.